On procrastination (or “There’s always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…”)

(Does anyone else remember those old Control Data Institute commercials, or was this just a regional California thing that other 80’s kids have blocked from their minds completely?)
So, it seems like I’ve been talking to tons of writers lately about procrastination and the struggle to finish projects, especially longer ones like novels, screenplays, and story collections. Recently, I came across an article called Writer’s Block and Procrastination , and I thought it tackled the subject really well.
When it comes to breaking the cycle of procrastination, what usually works best for me is to remind myself of the price I pay for not writing vs. the price I pay for writing. Not writing might allow me to remain in a sort of dream state of denial and seemingly endless possibility, but the cost of that dream state is that nothing (or very little) gets written. Actually sitting down and writing means I’m committed (at least for the time being) to tell the story at hand in a particular way. The cost of doing so, of course, is that things like self-doubt might creep in—a sense that I’m probably crazy for thinking I can actually do this. But I’ve learned over the years that to finish a manuscript I have to be willing to face and slay (or at least injure) whatever writing goblins appear.
What works for you to break free from writer’s block and procrastination? Talk to me on Twitter  or Instagram!
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