Bookish memories

Today is Beverly Cleary’s 102nd birthday! I have a vivid memory of walking through the garage of my childhood home holding a copy of one of the Ramona books, probably Ramona the Brave. I loved those books.
Then, when my daughter was little, the movie version came out. I thought I was fine. I thought, “Hey, this is a kids’ movie. How triggering could it be?” But then the Picky-Picky scene happened, and I was a goner. Just a complete puddle of anguished tears on the Red Vine-encrusted floor of the movie theater (not literally–I mean, I managed to stay in my seat as I wept…). Seeing that movie reminded me of all the books that affected me so deeply as a young person–Where the Red Fern Grows, The Black Stallion, Charlotte’s Web, The Rain-Cloud Pony–all of them about animals, most of them borrowed first from the elementary school library before I was able to get my own copies.
And speaking of libraries, yesterday was also #BookMobileDay2018, about which I completely neglected to blog, tweet or IG. Here’s my photo contribution in honor of our fab local library’s bookmobile:


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