#100DaysofGood: Day 100, the Finale!!!!!

Well, here I am at the end of the #100DaysofGood campaign. Today, for Day 100, I celebrate all of YOU who have followed this campaign, liked the photos on IG, left comments, posted ARC reviews, etc.

With my contemporary YA novel, 100 DAYS, set to release tomorrow (August 23), I find myself super excited to have my “book baby” out in the world but also sad to see this campaign end. Studying and promoting these individuals and organizations working for good in the world has been an incredible experience. I do plan to keep giving shout-outs to great organizations in the future, because I love being inspired by amazing people and sharing that inspiration with others.

If you want to keep in touch re: your favorite nonprofits or just re: book stuff in general, please do. On Twitter I am @Nicole_McInnes. On Facebook I am Nicole McInnes Author. On Instagram, I am Nicole McInnes Author. On Tumblr, I am Nicole McInnes.

You can order the 100 DAYS from all major retailers, though I always encourage readers to buy from their favorite indie bookstores. For Northern California and Northern Arizona folks, my two favorites indies are Book Passage in the San Francisco Bay Area and Barefoot Cowgirl in Flagstaff.

I HUGELY appreciate reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Most authors I know do, so if you’ve read something recently and loved it, please share that love by posting a review. I also love receiving pictures of my books “in the wild,” fan art, etc. Just be sure to @ me on one of the social media platforms above so I can see & share it.  :-)

Finally, if you would like to read 100 DAYS but can’t afford it, please check it out from your local library. Did you know that if they don’t yet have copies of the books you want to read, you can ask them to order some?

Thanks for reading, everyone. Now, go forth, and be awesome!

<3  <3  <3

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