“A captivating opening and fresh, honest dialogue elevate this tale of teen angst run amok, making for a promising debut. . . . Who could resist? McInnes does a superb job following the labyrinthine inner logic of a self-involved teen. . . [She] keenly captures the nuances of teen dialogue and the duplicity of high school alliances, making her an author to watch.” – Kirkus Reviews
“Brianna’s growth and the choice she faces…are engaging.” – Publishers Weekly
“McInnes has managed to make Brianna a realistic 16-year-old without resorting to stereotypes…The crux of the book is the concept of family and what it really means. All in all…a good deal of teen appeal.” — School Library Journal

My contemporary YA novel, BRIANNA ON THE BRINK, is now available wherever books are sold -  Read an excerpt!

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Here’s what it’s about:

Sixteen-year-old Brianna Taylor finds herself lost, alone and with a major surprise in store after a one-night-stand. Just when she’s got nowhere left to turn, help arrives from the one person who is closest to her big mistake, but accepting that help will leave Brianna forced to choose between clinging to the ledge of fear and abandonment – or jumping into the unknown where a second chance at hope might just be waiting.

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